Linen Stories

Timeless luxury with exceptional comfort.

Luxurious and textured natural linen fabric takes center stage in a selection of versatile fabrics designed and curated by Tessitura Parklane, for refined and comfortable summers wear for men. In collaboration with our team, we create with genuine comfort and wearability in mind by marrying understated elegance with refined minimalism. Pune Linen's finish, structure and feel are unique and nothing else compares to it; creating a supremely confident sartorial look. A variety of textures and weights makes it ideal for linen shirts, suits, summer jackets for men and casual linen trousers, allow versatility within this collection of lightweight linen fabrics. Available in a crisp color palette of plain linen fabrics, featuring white linen and classic blue shades to brighter tones of greens and corals. Premium linen fabric is a rather versatile fabric and can be tailored as both day wear and perfect for warm summer evenings. Experience our timeless collection of finest linen inspired by countless journeys across idyllic scenes of the Mediterranean.

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